Thursday, October 14, 2010

lightbulb lab

We were reading lilly's purple plastic purse by kevin henkes, and I asked Anjali whether she wanted a lightbulb lab like lilly. She did, and so Ii have been working on it for the past week. here is what i have been doing.

I took a large sheet of cardboard (the cover of an old toy box) and put some cloth around it (One of my pants was torn at the knee, and I had it shortened to bermudas. The legs were still around, and I cut them up for this project). Then i made pockets out of a jean leg (again the reminder of a jean to bermuda conversion). there are several pockets - for markers, chalks, crayons, paper, scissors, glue etc.

The problem was how to fix the pockets to the board.

I tried tape, it wasnt strong. Husband suggested staples. It didnt work either. So I am sewing the pockets to the board. Almost done.

Now, a few days ago, i had already put up the lightbulb lab with staples for Anjali. She had used it until I had to take it down because the staples had come out and it looked a bit dangerous. As sewing takes time, I had put away the lab. I didnt expect her to remember it.

Yesterday she took me over to the guinea pig cage

"Mummy, see, I drew a two there"

I would have been happy if it was a snake or something, but it was really a two. So I was wuite thrilled.

"When did you draw it?" I asked.

"That day that you made the lightbulb lab and put markers in it, I took the yed marker out and drew with it in the pig cage"

So that made me double my efforts to get the lightbulb lab finished faster. Maybe i would work some prereading skills in it as well.

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