Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A jonah day

Anjali had a real jonah day yesterday. She began the morning by throwing a tantrum about her box of hairclips. Then she wet her clothes in school and had to be changed. When she returned Sophia and Anjali were playing in a boat that they had fashioned out of duppattas. Patti had gone for a minute to the bathroom and Sophia had fallen. Anjali, seeing the blood on Sophia's lips had panicked and tried to carry her.

Patti returned, picked Sophia and chided Anjali along the lines of - I had just gone for a minute and then you get into mischief. She had then picked Sophia and cuddled up with her on her chair.

Anjali had, immediately gone into her cave. a.k.a dining table. Sophia, after about one point five seconds had said "aant to go to Anchaali" and had joined Anjlai in her cave.

Anjali then puts her arms around Sophia "You listen only to me, Sophia, dont listen to patti okay?"

Yesterday's dinner was soup and bread. The beans were a bit undercooked and the girls just drank the soup water and had some bread. As a result, by the time we were ready to leave the playground, Anjali was throwing yet another tantrum for water (her bottle had run out of water) and Sophia was busily complaining to Pooja, who was pushing her swing and asking her what had happened to her knee (where there was a small and ancient cut)

"Anchaali puch me, Shopia dop"

"Where did Anjali push you?", asks Pooja

"in the boat"

"In the boat?"

"hmm. duppatta boat"

Of course, pooja didnt understand what a duppatta boat was, but I was ready to take her home, whereupon, she immediately thre a tantrum about

"no no five minat"

We came home and there was yet another tantrum about Anjali not liking Mozerella cheese in her noodles and then Sophia threw a tantrum for no reason at all (Sophia generally throws a tantrum when Anjali throws one - its called Sympathetic tantrum) and I had a stomach ache from eating undercooked beans and husband had no stomach ache from eating them.

And then (it is a bit hard to go around the evening with one kid shouting)

"story story story story"

and another kid shouting

"amma bua amma bua amma bua amma bua"

By the time the whole thing finished, I was quite burnt out and slept like a fair log

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