Thursday, October 14, 2010

An important lesson

Both husband and I agree that Anjali learnt an important lesson yesterday, although we are not very sure what that lesson was.

We were leaving patti's house. Anjali was very excited - she was going with her class to school the next day - and she was carrying a nice red balloon - and she ran all the way down the slope, found that her buckles were not strapped, strapped them properly, and ran across the road.

It was a small road, and a pedestrian crossing too. No cars were in sight, but I still lost my head for a minute.

"Anjali, stop right there!"

She stopped. There was a moment of horrified silence from her. she had, i believe, in her excitement, not realized where she was going. perfectly understandable, but, its the sort of thing that will get her into hot water in future.

Ok. deep breath. husband and i took Sophia and crossed the road. Love and logic (thank the book!) worked out.

"Ok Anjali, mummy and daddy want to tell you that it was wrong to run across  the road like this by yourself", began husband. "Can we take your balloon until you cross the road properly?"

Accordingly, the balloon was pased to me. Anjali threw a tantrum, but we stuck to our guns. Sophia was walking, so i walked with her while husband and Anjali marched in front.

By the time they were through the third crossing (I was waiting for them at the end of the crossing), Anjali was ready for her balloon and explaining that if daddy runs across the road, she would take away his bag and his laptop. 

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