Monday, October 25, 2010

I am small

"Sophia, You are growing big", said husband to Sophia on our way to the library.

"I am small". said Sophia, who was being carried.

"No Sophia, you are quite big, you know", I joined

"No. Anchaali big, Shapia small"

"You are big and you should walk", I said

"No. mummy caie me. this called small", indicating herself

Later we got into a crowded train.

"Where's daddy", asked the concerned girls. Daddy had gotten stuck somewhere near the door and was making his way towards us.

"Where's daddy", asked Sophia again when we got off the train, craning her neck and looking around to find husband, who had alighted ahead of us

"She is so concerned about me", says husband.

"Sophia", I said seriously. "Daddy is so small, and we have to take care of him, ok?"

"Daddy big!" she exclaims, pointing out the obvious and giving me a mom you are so silly expression. "Shopia shmall. Daddy big!"

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