Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We have a white floor and it makes a huge white board/ hopscotch play area, drawing board when worked with temporary white board markers. After finishing, hand the girls a wet towel, or if it is too late, incorporate it into the morning mopping session

Yesteray, i drew up a hopscotch board, with numbers for Anjali to jump. Jumping numbers helps to work addition, subtraction etc (Jump one step from 2, three steps from 5 etc). It also helps Sophia with her number identification skills.

Then we drew a giant map of going in a train from Singapore to Taman Negara, and Anjali helped to paint the ocean (use blue marker to paint the ocean) and the trees. The camera was out of battery so no picture, maybe we'll do it again today. Thats good for the literacy too, I think

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