Tuesday, October 12, 2010

cycle talk

"Who wants to come with me in the bicycle?", i asked.

"Me!" cried Anjali, very enthusiastically.

However, when it was time to strap her on the bicycle, she began to have second thoughts. "I am very scared mummy, I'll fall. Daddy, are you going to drive the bicycle?"

"Do you want to go with daddy on the bicycle?"


So, I borrowed a dupatta from patti to tie Sophia in for the walk. But Sophia didnt want to walk.

"aant to dho bicyshle Shopia now!"

"There's room for only one baby in the cycle Sophia, you come with mummy in the duppatta"

"noooo. aant to dho here bishyshle"

And so it happened that Sophia bucked on the baby seat, Anjali sat on the driver seat and husband and I held the bicycle on either handlebar and pushed the thing home.

"Is this a bicycle or a stroller?", I asked "We should buy another bicycle... one that you can add a  baby seat to. then we can take both girls out"

"Mummy, but daddy can put the baby seat on his road bike"

"No Anjali", explained husband, "My road bike cant hold your weight"

"But it can hold your weight.", said the solution finder. "and you are much heavier."

Talk about spotting holes in the solution. She ought to be the director of a research company.

"Yes, but it cant support your weight and my weight together", said husband.

That seemed to satisfy the imp.

"Ok. I have a good idea", she said. "Mummy, you and Sophia can go in this bike, and Sophia can sit like this on the baby seat ok?.. And me and daddy will go on the blue bike"

"Which blue bike?"

"I will go on my blue bike and daddy can go on his blue bike"


"that will be vei fun"


"And then after we go on the three bike thing, we can go again like this, with Sophia sitting in front and me sitting behind and the two of you push"

"vei funny!", says the other imp.

Anjali put her shoes on the wrong legs again.

"Your shoes are on the wrong legs", thattha pointed out.

Anjali glanced down.

"Its ok thattha"

"If you put your shoes on the wrong legs, you cant walk", observed thattha

"But I am not going to walk, i am going on the bicycle."

Its nice to see thattha losing an argument and being happy about it.

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