Friday, October 8, 2010

The art of negotiation as it grows in kids

"Mummy I want to dance in the bus stop bench"

I look at the watch. 9.30pm.

"Anjali, you want to do three things. Dance on the bench, rescue snails and play with your guinea pigs before going to bed. You dont have time for all three, chose two"

"hmmm... I want to dance and play with guinea pigs"


"No. I want to rescue snails and play with guinea pigs"

"Fine, come on then"

"I'll dance just a bit ok? Just a little bit?"


At quarter past ten

"Daddy, I want to watch something on the computer"

Husband was wanting to show Anjali something (off the computer), I cant remember what, lets call it X

"Let me show you X first and then we'll see"

I chivied the girl to the bedroom

"I want to see something on the computer mummy"

"Anjali, its bedtime, and you are going to bed now"

"Can I watch yenna samayalo once?"


"Just once??"

I almost yielded, but I try to be firm about the no tv before bed rule, and about doormats in the love and logic book, and about howw one song turns to two and to four and about how Sophia had not napped that afternoon.


Surprise surprise, she didnt protest

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