Monday, October 11, 2010

ala thombu vika vik

Yesterday husband and I took the girls to see Beauty and the beast by the duffel bag theatre. The show was very good. The players had a very good sense of humor and the audience interactions, with the part of beauty and the beast being played by the audience members was very good.

Then we went to the center. husband left us there and went to Mustafa to look at bread machines.

I got out some toys for the girls to play with.

"ala thom vika vik ala thomu vika vik", said Sophia.

"What's that?"

"Ala tho mu vika vik"

"What does that mean?"

She didnt know how to explain it. so she, with Anjali's help, fabricated a story

"one Shister, one boy, byother"

"ok. And then what happened to them?"


"Oh dear. how sad. Why did that happen?"

"get losht"

"They got lost. Where?"


"In the forest?"

"get huit"

"They got hurt?"

"And then a demon came and then they killed the demon, and they went in the demon's thoppai and they grew in the demon's thoppai and broke the demon's thoppai"

Quite gross.

Note to self: The girls read too much krishna leela, and that book is full of demon stories. Question: Is it good to read demon stories if it is part of krishna leela in a book that details demons after demons killed in pretty much the same superhuman way? I wonder if there is a toddler version of KM Munshi's Krishnavatara. There most of the demons get a proper description, and there is a lot of logic behind the magic.

It wasnt much later that we were in the taxi and talking about beatuy and the beast. And then I was singing

"A tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast"

"beauty and the gaston!", countered my little rebel.

"Lets sing the song that beauty and the beast danced to in the stage show", i said.

"I like to move it move it".. Sandhya also joined in. We were having a nice loud raucous musical time when suddenly i realized what Sophia was singing

"ala tho mu vik muvik"

And that solves the mystery

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