Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swensons balloons and memory

Husband takes us to Swensons for icecream. Anjali gets this thing with Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, with lots of whipped cream and dry ice in the middle.

Sophia doesnt like ice cream. she makes a face after eating it. Anjali polishes off most off her icecream, making marble patterns with the rest, for husband and I to finish it. The icecream is good

The icecream came with a small bowl of dry ice. The girls had a good time pouring water on it and watching it bubble.

Swensons gives balloons to the kids. Sophia wanted a blue one and Anjali took a red one.

We went to the interchange to get a bus. Anjali tried to induce Sophia into playing swordfight with her. Sophia didnt want to do it.

"No Sophia, not like that. You did it very well yesterday"

"When Anjali?", I asked, curious.

"YEsterday was a long time ago mummy", when we did baloon fight and you took pictures with your phone.

It was indeed a long time ago, atleast two months.


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