Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sophia talking

It is a well known fact that Sophia talks two to a dozen

"She talks more in one day than you ever did in your whole life", I told husband this morning.

Not just that, she also knows all the songs ever in existence and has a perfect tone (I should try to put her in vocal or something)

She sings, some of which we know, some which we can guess, and some which we donot know. The trouble comes when she asks me to join her in singing those songs that I donot know. She would hum something, stop and then say "amma shing!"


Yesterday night, Anjali had a sleepover at patti's house. Sophia, husband and i came back home and spent some time reading. SOphia's favorite bok, is ofcourse, brown bear brown bear. And now, she has added Lemons are not red to her reading list. We borrowed it several months ago for Anjali, but Anjali already knew her colors.  Sophia is just learning her colors and it is a perfect book for her right now, the die cut pages making reading a pleasure.

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