Monday, September 6, 2010

So, we settled on a guinea pig

So, we settled on a guinea pig. We even found a very beautiful, very sleek black and white guinea pig at the SPCA.

We were at the SPCA on sunday afternoon after the walk. Sophia was very astounded by all the animals "Sho manny dogsh!", she kept saying.

After looking at all the animals, we finally settled on a beautiful guinea pig, which all of us, Anjali included, liked. It was black and white, with a very sleek fur, and liked to burrow and hide under newspaper.

Unfortunately, she was taken. Two families had already placed a reservation on her, and they were waiting for the vet to finish the sterilization procedures. Now, both Anjali and husband and (I must admit) me also, have fallen quite in love with the sleek rabbit like creature. So much that we are looking for another one.

Lets see where this adventure leads us.

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