Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the little bratty non listening thingies that i call my kids

Why do little kids, when they turn around two years old, take an insane pleasure in testing to see how far your limits go?

Why do we get a little baby standing near a dustbin, not only ignoring our nos, but also turning around and saying "Aaaah" before continuing to dig into biodegradable waste?

Why do we get a preschooler who, at ten in the evening, reminds us that she was good all day and that we should let her play with sparklers. And when she returns from playing with sparklers immediately throws a tantrum about not going to bed and wanting to eat peanut butter, drink milo, read book and then sleep?

Why does a toddler, who, six months ago, barely knoew how to say da da, say "stoie" and when you get a book, cries, takes the book back, and then comes back and cries "stoie" again?

Why does the same toddler ignore all the advice about hygene and pick up and examine rubbish that has been left in the elevator?

Why does the preschooler refuse to listen to advice about going to bed and hug the pillow in the morning when its time to wake up and insists on taking the pillow with her to thhe bathroom?

Atleast the guinea pig is predictable.

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