Thursday, September 23, 2010

guinea pigs and birds and bees

We are seriously thinking of getting a second guinea pig to keep Cinderella company. Husband and I have been keeping an eye open at the usual venues where people advertise pigs for adoption. But nothing has really clicked. The SPCA received about five guinea pigs and we called on sunday to see if we could visit, but unfortunately, they were all snapped up.

"We need to get a female", said husband. "Otherwise, they will fight"

"if we get a female", I counter, "they'll have babies. The pigs have babies every five weeks, and I am not taking the responsibility of taking care of guinea pig babies. Mine are more than a handful"

"Its ok mummy", said Anjali, who was sitting between us, with the guinea pig in her lap, teasing him with a paper bag. "You can get a female. I will sleep with the female in my bedroom and the male can sleep in the cage."

Husband and i both burst out laughing.

"Vei funny!" exclaimed Sophia, who was busy with her favorite occupation - drinking bua

"Yes, very funny!", I said, after I had stopped laughing. "Sophia, you are like a guinea pig also, can I put you in the cage?"

"Noo!!" says Sophia indignantly.

"Where can I put you?" I asked her

"Sit amma's lap dink bua", she said, before returning back to her favorite occupation.

We finally decided to get another male. The cage is big enough for them and  theoretically, they wont fight unless there is another female in the vicinity.

The pig, meanwhile is one finicky brat. I learnt the word finicky from Kanthi and decided that I like it very much. He doesnt touch vegetables which have been left in his cage for over 12 hours. The same goes for pellets (How he knows, I dont know, but he always skims the top pellets which are fresh, and leaves the bbottom ones) and hay. If he has fresh vegetables, he ignores the pellets.

He doesnt eat all the fresh vegetables - just carrots, cucumbers, corn, spinach. He refuses to touch bell peppers and asparagus.

He got a bath yesterday. A more indignated pig you couldnt see. He actually stodd on his hind legs and splashed us all.  

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