Tuesday, September 28, 2010

getting off the bua: part two

This is a very embarassing post.

I was in the shower. Sophia opens the door.

"Amma why? Amma Why?" (Sophia thinks that Why is the coolest word in the world)

"Why what?"

"Amma why? Why taking bath?"

"Why I am taking a bath? Because I am very stinky."

"No clothes?"

"No clothes."

"Bua over there, Shapia dink it"


I returned from work yesterday. Sophia climbed on my lap.

"Amma, bua. Want to dink"

"I left the bua in the office"

Nothing doing. She butted her head against my chest a couple of times.

"Shomething Inshide"

"Something inside?" I repeated, a little lost. My plan was not working out as expected.

"Two bua inshide. Take out. Want to dink!!"

Husband was in the kitchen getting his dinner.

"Sophia, you cannot talk so much if you want to drink bua. If you want to drink bua, you must only say ga ga and goo goo"

Sophia wasn't listening. She was busy drinking bua. 

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