Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cinderella Bingo

Cinderella joining our evening reading session.

In the morning, when Anjali wakes up, she makes a beeline for the guinea pig cage. She gets husband or muyself to take the pig out and she plays with him.Husband says that having a guinea pig makes her wake up early.

The pig, i think is more familiar with her than with others, climbing on her hand and eating hay from her hands. (her still refuses to eat hay from my hands, though i caught him sneaking corn leaves and carrot sticks into his house five minutes after I had left his cage)

Yesterday night, I left a snack of apples, and this morning, he had not touched the food. i found it curious and went to investigate. The apples had attracted ants over the night and our pig, i guess is mighty picky. So I washed out the plate and put fresh food and carrots.

Here are more updates and pictures
Setting him outdoor from his cage
cinderella reading books
Cinderella climbing on Anjali

Anjali has to make sure she wears a jetti because he likes to burrow between her legs

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