Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At the shoe store

Both girls needed new shows. The state of their old shoes was despicable. After Anjali lost about three pairs of slippers, we decided not to buy them for her anymore, but to go for proper shoes with straps on the back. Anjali, however, doesnt want any shoes with straps on the back - she thinks that my sandals are the height of fashion insult - she wants dainty little pink shows with butterflies and flowers and such stuff.


The only shoe which we had, that was dainty, was the one bunica forced us to buy for Anjali to wear to Sophia's baptism. That is over a year old, shows very many signs of wear and tear and is two sizes too small for Anjali. Still she insists on wearing it.

The state of Sophia's shoes was even more despicable than Anjali's. I havent really bought her any shoes for the past year or so, but have been giving her all of Anjali's old shoes. Kid also generally picks up the old pink pooh shoes, or the new blue pooh shoes, both of which are a mite too big for her. Husband keeps complaining that the pooh shoes dont have any holes in them.

To top it all off, Bata at west mall has had a renovation, and all their nice old comfy shoes had been replaced. Anjali and I went there two or three weeks ago to buy her a shoe. We simply couldnt find anything that traded off between my need for robustness and her need for daintiness. All we found were pink shoes with lots of sparkles and buckles.

Buckles! I ask you! in a toddler's shoe! Even i dont wear buckles in my shoe. Once, when i was in the university I got a buckeled shoe and went with it to pondicherry. We were visiting the ashram and patel uncle took me to visit all the departments and meet all the people, and each time I went somewhere it took me five minutes just to take off and put on my shoes. Highly embarassing. I swore off buckles right then and there.

So we decided to brave the mall again last evening to get this show business over with. Sophia decided to be ornery.

"Ant to wear shoe!" she said, bringing her black and white shoe. I put it on her. She began to cry.

"Ant to weat thish shoe!" she crieed, pointing to the pink one. So I changed her to the pink shoes. No sooner had she changed them that she began to cry again.

"that shoe!", she exclaimed, pointing to the black one.

I picked her up and closed the door. She continued crying.

And crying

And crying

"mooku shali!", she mourned, wiping her hand and nose in the most convenient spot - my dress.

I ignored it and decided to handle the crying.

"Sophia, if you stop crying I'll get your shoe."

She stopped crying

I got her the shoe

"See Sophia!", explained Anjali. "You must not cry. Mummy will not do things for your if you cry. And you will vomit."


We were walking from the interchange to West mall.

"Mummy, I am going to skip", says Anjali, beginning to skip.

"Amma! What Anchaali doing?", asks Sophia

"Anjali is skipping"

"Shapia tie it?"

"You want to skip?"

"mm" vigourous head nod

Sophia slides down my arms to the floor and tries to skip.

She does a number of things but cant get the same level of grace as Anjali.

"How to Shkip?" she asks.

Husband and i hold her and show her how to raise her feet and put them in front.

She does some steps like giants walking.

"Very good Sophia", we encourage.

she is not convinced.

"Cant Shkip. How to Shkip?" she cries.  "Amma thaie! How to shkip?"

I carry and comfort her.

"She is even more of a perfectionist tham I am", says husband.

Tom and Stephanie is under renovation.

"Business as usual on the second floor", says a sign. The shoes are usually upstairs. We go upstairs.

There are no shoes.

"What do they mean by business as usual?" says husband. "Half the shop is closed"


We have no choice but to go to Bata.

Anjali tries about half a dozen shoes. Her first preference is a robber clog king of thing with back ctraps, where the big toe goes on one side (Patti always wears shoes with the big toe on one side and Anjali is fascinated by them)

But the shoe is, for some reason, uncomfortable, and she writes it off.

Husband is glad. He didnt approve of the shoes with the big toe on one side.

Sophia has picked out pink shoes with owls on them. The shop lady doesnt have them in her size. They are all too small for her.

Anjali tries some more shoes - pink with sparkles (too big), white with hearts (too small), pink with cinderella ("I want a princess shoe mummy"). She finally settles on a pink shoe with flowers on it.

Husband hits gold with a nice dark blue shoe for Sophia. As a bonus, it squeaks.

Sophia is delighted with her shoe. She walks on it, and steps on it even without walking.

"Making Noishe!!", she exclaims, tapping her feet delightedly.

The girls wear the shoes. I put the old shoes in the box. We collect boxes for guinea pig houses.

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