Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anjali's prayer

Dear God, You must always walk with me and caie me, and take care of me and be in my heart.


"Mummy, I told Mikaela that she muct be polite and not hit anyone"

"Who did Mikaela hit?"



"Because Mikaela doesnt want to be Tricia's friend, she only wants to be my friend. And I want to be Tricia's friend. So I told Mikaela that I want to be both their friend and that i will sit with them both in the class"


"But I didnt sit with both of them in class."


"I forgot"

"ok. Who did you sit with?"

"I sat with myself and with jesus Christ in my heart"

"Thats good" (I dont quite know the correct response to give to these things, so I keep them neutral)

"And with krishna also in my heart"

"with Krishna also?"

"Yes. But Miss Audrey doesnt think that Krishna is in my heart"

"Who does Miss Audrey think is in your heart?'

"Jesus Christ only."

I explained to Anjali about Jesus and krishna being the same. She found the idea quite amusing

"No mummy. Jesus is Jesus and Krishna is Krishna"

Then i told her how the same person, Anjali, for instance, could have many names from many people.

Later, in patti's house i told about the conversation to husband. Anjali added.

"I didnt tell Miss Audrey about krishna."

"Why not?"

"Because Krishna is Indian, so I didnt tell"

I was floored. So was thattha and patti. Husband however, took matters up.

"Anjali, there are many stories about God. there are Jesus stories and krishna stories. Some people know only the Krishna stories, some know the Jesus stories and some know both."

Well.. What do we do?

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  1. Interesting - I have trouble explaining just about our religion! Well, I dont do religion at all...well she gets the idea that Krishna, hanuman,ganesha (we've only got so far!) r all in our heart - then she asks - waht about shiva?parvati?...well...maybe anjali shd tell ananya jesus story and see what they can make out of that!


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