Monday, September 20, 2010

Advance pretend play

Anjali and I were in Cinderella's cage, feeding corn stalks to the pig. Cinderella loves corn silks and the tender leaves that are inside the corn. He wont have anything to do with the tougher outer leaves. Sophia came into the cage and started putting straw all over my pants. When I told her off, she refused to listen, and put hay all over my hair. ("I wont get straw on me mummy!", said Anjali "because Bingo will protect me. ")


So I sent her away to play with chestnuts. She was putting chestnuts and transferring them with a spoon and everything for about fifteen minutes, and was so quietly working, saying things to herself like


"Cook… take out… pour, eat.. vei nishe! Pour! Mum mum!"



Later, we were in patti's room, and Sophia took a baby doll.


"Amma. Thish is baby"


"This is your baby?"


"mm. What called name?" (Sophia speaks English like those clerks in Indian movies, who get all the words right in the wrong positions)


"Is it sandy?" (from the sandy planty duo)


"no!!  Thish called name lava"


I was intrigued by the uniqueness of the name.


"where's Kusha?", Sophia continued


"Where's Kusha?" I repeated


"Anchalli take away Kusha!!" she cried.


Later, in the taxi, on the way to the kite festival, Sophia was playing with Kusha all by herself, feeding him, and giving bua and stuff

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