Saturday, August 14, 2010

A walk by the river

I took a nice little walk along the waterfront this morning. Portland has a path that runs along a river that is full of cyclists and joggers at 8am. I guess the weather is pleasant and it makes jogging at 8am not just a possibility but a nice thing.
So I went along the river, seeing fountains and bridges along the way, and realized that it was half past 8 and I had to be in the conference at quarter to nine. But I am glad that I decided to finish the walk till the end of the bridge, because guess what I saw?

Ducks! About a hundred of them. But they dont look like ordinary ducks, do they??

The sprinklers were making rainbows so nice.

I asked a lady to help me to take a picture. Then we were talking and she told me about a six hour cruise on the columbia river. Oh, wont I have loved to take the cruise? It would be great to see the America out of the city. Then again, to each his own, and I have seen many wonderful things in Portland itself.

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