Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The story of the kickscooter

This is a long overdue story of the kick scooter.

One day, when the girls were talking with me over Skype, Anjali told me

"Mummy, I lost my kick scooter"

Naturally, I was a bit shocked because the kick scooter was new. It transpired that Sandhya and the girls had gone down to play and they had left the scooter near the exercise playground. When they had finished playing, a few mintues later, they had returned to find the kickscooter gone.

Naturally, we were upset, especially since Anjali loved her kickscooter. Husband and i were saying that we should get a new kickscooter when I returned, when patti had a nice idea

"I met Jyoti on the way", said patti. "She said that some kid might have wanted a shiny new scooter and taken it home, but the parents would reinforce honesty and return it. maybe we'll print out some notices and put them up. Someone may return them."

"It wont work!", said my ever pessimistic husband

But patti can be quite tenacious and she got husband to print a few copies of the the lost and found announcement.

The next afternoon, someone called. It was as Jyothi had said. Some kid had take the scooter up, and their mother met up in the playground and returned it to us

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