Thursday, August 12, 2010

Signing in from Portland

Trying to sleep without five pairs of arms around me, little faces burying in my neck and getting jolted out of sleep with a sudden kick freaks me out.

Portland Oregon, 10th August 2010. chatted with girls. Feel extremely happy that skype exists. Kids are happy too that they can play with patti. Visited the bookstore first thing in the city. Typical me. Amazing bookstore with new and used books. The used books are not particularly cheap, but I found the runaway bunny, which I have never found before. There is a neat little toy store two blocks down. It was closed when I got there, but I can probably nip in.

Portland is a great city for exploring, they have street cars and railway lines that run free in the downtown area. The rail from the airport cost $2.30 and took me to the footsteps of the hotel. Clean, I think. I have a full day tomorrow, thursday and Friday. But the evenings are free, so maybe I will hit the rose gardens, as they are so popular. We crossed the river when I came over, but the river was not too impressive. However, the fountains are. The city has a grenoblish feel to it which is what I wrote to husband.

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