Monday, August 23, 2010

Of pets and such

Husband had to take care of the kids for a couple of hours while I was away at IEP meeting.

"I know!", he said. "I'll take them to the market and we'll buy an aquarium for keeping fish."

Anjali thought that it was a grand idea. However, an hour down the road, she was not at all satisfied.

"Daddy!", she said after lunch "Lets go to the petshop and buy a hamster"

"huh!", said husband "When did the fish change to a hamster?"

But Anjali would have none off the fish. She wanted hamster and hamster it had to be.

Husband therefore did some research and found that for a pet, a guinea pig is better than a hamster.

"I want a guinea pig", said Anjali.

Sandhya thought that we were all quite crazy.

So husband bundled up the kids and took them to the clementi pet store.

"Do you know what is a guinea pig, Anjali?", I asked her

"What?", she questioned, confirming my suspicions

"A guinea pig is a pink color water bottle", I tried. "You can drink water from it"

"Ha ha", she said. "Very funny!!"

So they went to the pet shop and I went for IEP and when I came back, Anjali was very sad

"Mummy, i want a puppy, but daddy said that I cannot have a puppy"

"Ofcourse you cannot have a puppy. Do you know how to take care of it?"

"I know how to take care of a puppy!"


"You must let it yun ayound and yun ayound and yun around and then after that you must catch it"

"Ok, and what will you feed the puppy?"

"We will just feed it some bones"

"We dont eat too much chicken aorund here, so where will we get bones from??"

"Oh, we can just buy some bones from the bone shop", says the girl of all answers

One of these days she might bamboozle us into buying her a puppy, but for now I think we can still persuade her. 

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