Friday, August 13, 2010

News from Portland

Weird stuff in America
1. People ask restaurant to split their bills and give multiple credit cards by just signing against their names. Restaurant breaks it down, but sometimes limits to 4 cards. Thought it weird
2. A man in the road begs for spare change at night to buy condoms. Very queer
3. Man spends a good five minutes explaining directions and helping to analyze map. This will never happen in Singapore
4. Portions of food in restaurants are three times the size of a portion of food you would get in Singapore. After two failed attempts at trying to finish the food that was put in front of me, I took a leaf out of Karl's book and boxed up yesterday's dinner.

A very strange thing happened last night. I went to bed at around 11pm, while listening to some brain related audio book on the laptop. The phone rang at midnight. I woke up, groped around the bed, tried to pick up the alarm clock and was wondering why it had no receiver. The phone stopped ringing. I was then wondering who had called.
As my fuzzy brain couldnt process fast at midnight on a jetlagged situation, I tried contacting the concierge and then the bellman to see if they could trace the call. Both insisted that there had been no calls to my room and that it must have been some kind of room to room call which had been misnumbered. I could however, not shake of calamitous thoughts and didnt go to sleep until an hour later. My most comforting thought was that no one at home knew, thanks to Skype, my room number, and I was almost sure that they didnt know the hotel details either.
As though on some sort of cue, my mobile rang early in the morning, around 4am, I think. It must have been some 7pm in Singapore, not at all late to call. But when the mobile rang, I picked it up, and then no one answered. The caller ID registered anonymous and my overimaginative mind mixed up a lot of calamitous stories which effectively prevented me from going back to sleep. Therefore it came to be that I was up and logged on to skype long before the kids came online. I think I will crash this evening – forget the trip to the park that I had planned.

Talking about a trip to the park, I went to Washington park this morning. It was really beautiful, and given that it was so beautiful, I may go again tomorrow morning. My intention today was to visit the rose test gardens. The rose gardens were small, but really beautiful. However, it was a miole and a half walk to get to them. The weather was fine, and I had to burn out all the double portions that I had eaten, right – so I went ahead and took a brisk 25 minute walk to the rose gardens. The garden was so beautiful that I simply had to take pictures. But there was absolutely no one in the gardens- it was too early in the morning. So I took photos of myself. Not bad, all in all – I think.
I also found tons of pinecones. I have never found pinecones since Ooty. And a very nice white flower, which I know I have seen, but no idea where. Perhaps it is also a memory of Ooty. I have stuffed my bag with pinecones – we cant get pinecones in Singapore and I think I can use them for some crafts with the girls. I obviously couldnt stuff my bag with the white flower, but I did take a picture.

Question: Are there such things as blue roses, or do you dye their water, as you do with celery??

Went shopping this evening, didnt hit Powell's for once. Went instead to Finnegan's toy store. Sweet place, not overly cheap, but plenty of wonderful toys. They sell fairy garden kits at $25. Should I begin a business? Bought a toy that I have been wanting to get for a long time. Another one that looked nice. They didnt have geoboards.

Managed to find a store with good and reasonably priced clothes. Got the long blue dress thingy that was requested for multiple times. And an adorable jeans/ Tshirt/ jacket for the dora lover

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  1. Go to Walmart/Khols/Target - There will be a back to school sale going on now - if I am not wrong. You will get clothes, stationery at cheap price and good qlty ones...


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