Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new activity

I took a leaf out of jyothi's book and took the girls to the carwash yesterday. They spent a happy quarted of an hour standing behind a glass window seeing the cars getting soaped and sprayed

Ofcourse, the journey to the carwash (about 200 meters) took half an hour. We stopped three dogs, watched badminton games, played in playgrounds, picked flowers and finally went to the carwash. On the way back, we stopped a the playground again as jessica had gotten her duplos (Should I get a small pack of duplos for Sophia? She fixed them and was really excited about it).

Then Sophia started asking for patti. This was wierd, as Sophia never asks for patti.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her

"patti feedu me", she said, morosely

i asked Anjali to come home, but she wanted to stay in the playground. So I left her with Jessica to play and went up for Sophia's dinner. The idea was to ask husband to come back and pick up Anjali. But husband wasnt back from work and so Sophia and I and the yogurt rice came down to play with duplos.

Fun evening. We'll probably try the carwash again.

I am not going to cave in about the puppies.

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