Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Motherhood in retrospect

"Enough Sandhya!", I exclaimed, as my girls huddled around her miniscule laptop watching lakdi ki kathi for the 20th time.

Naturally, neither Sandhya, nor my own two girls took any notice of me. Instead they switched videos and watched clips from sound of music.

"Well", i said in retrospect, "i suppose that we all come back a full circle. About ten years ago, I used to be the person introducing Sharukh khan songs to Sandhya and Sabreesh. And Chitthi used to keep telling me to stop. Now I understand where it came from."

"Atleast Sandhya has better taste than you had", replied husband, as "So long, good night" came on

I have always scoffed at aunts and some friends, who, when faced with motherhood, had to give up some of their other passions. When i was seventeen, an aunt said that she never watched movies, she didnt have the time. And I was so shocked about it. Now I scoff at people who do watch movies, remarking sagely "But movies are such a passive medium of instruction. You are better off reading books"

But have I really stopped doing everything I liked? I sit back and I think - what are the things I liked to do before motherhood?

I used to love reading. I still do. I have not changed in that bit. But something has changed - what i read. I am aware of the limited time I have, and therefore have upped the quality of books needed to satisfy me. No more trashy nora roberts volumes. I am going for more "intellectual??" "witty??" books.

Computer gaming. I did  a fair bit of it. But now I have given it up sompletely

Movies: I still watch movies. But it follows as with the books. What I watch is not what is randomly thrown at me, but something that I pick with my own discernment

Crafting: My prebaby days were filled with crocheting and crafting projects. My post baby days are too, just that i tend to involve my kids in my crocheting and crafting projects.

So there is not much of a change in the type of work appreciated pre and post baby, but in the quality of work appreciated.  I think its a fair tradeoff, isnt it?

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