Friday, August 20, 2010

laptop regrets

"Anjali says that she wants a laptop", said patti. "I told her that she should ask thattha to get her one"

"There are such things for kids you know", I replied. "I have seen that Vtech has a learning laptop for children. I have been putting a string on electronic toys for the children, but I know that they exist"

"mummy, I want a learning laptop", says Anjali, who always hears the stuff that we dont want her to hear. "I want a pink learning laptop."

"ok. Lets go to the library", i said, trying to change the topic.

"no mummy.", counters my imp. "lets not go to the library. Lets go to the laptop shop and buy a pink learning laptop. We can go to the library tomorrow."


Somehow I got the girls to the library. When we were leaving Anjali tells husband.

"Daddy, i want a pink laptop"

"You want a pink laptop.", repeated husband, a bit shellshocked

"Want it alsho", says the other pixie

"What do you want?", I ask her, hoping against hope

"pink tompooter"

"uh oh! A pink computer"

"I dont want a pink computer!", syas Anjali. "I want a pink laptop"

"Shapia want it. pink tompooter"

"Ok, Anjali wants a pink laptop and Sophia wants a pink computer"

"ayange tompooter, puple tompooter"

Well, I am sure that skins are available

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