Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Husband's birthday in words

I will put up the photos.

The girls got together and Anjali tried to browbeat me into putting 34 candles on his cake. As that was not very possible, she only accepted when I told her that people over 12 year old put only one candle.

Then i told the girls that we were going to Botanical garden to celebrate daddy's birthday.

"But daddy already celebrated his birthday mummy", says the little practical soul resting in our house.

So we went to have a picnic at the botanical gardens, where we fed the "ostriches" (a.k.a swans) with bread and lettuce.

Anjali touched nearly all the dogs in the garden and Sophia kept saying "touch touch, without really touching"

IT was dark, we rounded off our evening with a picnic dinner under the stars. Anjali took her kick scooter all around the park, outrunning the rest of the family to the entrance, and making Sandhya run after her. Sandhya will lose atleast five kilos in a couple of weeks.

The girls picked atleast 20 flowers and gave them to thattha.

We really should do these parks more often

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