Monday, August 30, 2010

fixated on a dog

Anjali is still fixated on getting a dog. We brought up the getting a guinea pig or a fish topic again. husband had found out that people were on classifieds and offering guinea pigs for adoption and things like that. But Anjali would have none of it. She wants a dog. And thats that.

The one thing she cant have, and she wants it. And to make matters more frustrating, bunica brings the little bobby to the webcam every time. Now, how can i get around this?

We had a picnic at the bukit batok hill park on saturday evening. Nothing fancy, we just packed our dinner, brought it out. The Bukit Batok hill park has an adjoining playground and a nice grassy area for picnicking. Now, there was a little kitten that was frisking around. Sophia chased after the kitten a little but wouldnt touch it. Anjali and husband had been out for a bit of a walk, and when they came back, Anjali saw the kitten. One bound, and she was at the kittne, and was stroking it asif it belonged to her. I was very surprised at the lack of fear, and ofcourse, rather pleased.

Anjali was so comfortable with the kitten that after a bit, Sophia also came cautiously along and touched the kitten with the tip of her finger.

Anjali is starting to be very comfortable arund animals. We were at the bidpark, and she, quite fearlessly, and bravely fed the lories, tried to catch the parrots and even held a cup of worms for the birds to eat from. Sandhya has photos, and I guess I'll have to chase after herto give them.

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  1. At least its a dog ananya wants an elephant!!!


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