Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evil people

Two nights ago, I was feeling surprisingly awake at night. So, when the girls clamoured for story, I rose to the occassion with the story about the crows and the serpent.

In retrospect, however, it might not have been the optimal story to share before bed time.

"Mummy", said my daughter, "If you leave me and Sophia alone at home and some evil people come, then we will close the door and pray at the altar"

Faith and theology: check
Practicality: needs to be worked on.

"Thats a good idea", I said, while internally uh ohing myself. "But I am not going to leave you alone"

"Why mummy?"

"Because you are small and someone needs to take care of you, so until you are bigger, either mummy or daddy or patti will be at home to take care of you and Sophia"

"No, but you can leave me in Bharatnatyam class and then go shopping or something"

That is very magnanimous of her, especially since she is not letting me get out of her ballet classes

"I already do that", i pointed out.

"Then, when patti is taking care of me, and when some evil persons come to our house, patti will close the door and tell the evil persons to go away."

Right you are

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