Friday, August 13, 2010

Cooking with daddy. A story in pictures

I took the pictures through skype when I was talking to the girls, patti and daddy this morning. They are making chocolate

Getting ready the ingredients: milk, cocoa, sugar and flour
See that cocoa on the floor, that was because Anjali uprooted the whole cocoa onto the mixing bowl. Most of it was salvaged. What about the rest that was on the floor? WE shall see
Adding sugar
Adding more sugar.
Still more sugar??
Anjali dusts off sugar and cocoa from her legs
mix with a whisk
drinking remaining milk while daddy goes to get flour
Heres what happens to the rest of the cocoa that stayed on the floor
Oh Oh!!
Doesnt matter. We are good at multitasking
Especially if it is got to do with chocolate
Both of us love chocolate. Cocoa is big people's milo, you know??
The travelling multitasker with her vehicle
Anjali is back after putting the batter in the oven, engaged in her favorite activity
Clean pot

Of course, no body told me how the chocolate looked or tasted afterwards, though I asked husband to tell me. However, I suppose that it must have been good. The batter was, at any rate.

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