Monday, August 30, 2010


I was on a phone for about a quarter of an hour yesterday morning and Sophia was hanging on to me as she and Anjali had had a fight about who would cook balloons in the oven.

To keep her a bit busy, I took out the box of chestnuts, a spoon and a couple of bowls. She was quietly playing with them for ten minutes

The balloons in the oven game:

Husband got the girls a pack of 50 odd balloons on Friday evening. We blew a handful of balloons and tossed them around. Then Sophia took the box and was doing something with it near the printer. I wasnt paying much attention to what she was doing until she kept saying things like "This is vei hot"

I thought, ofcourse that the printer was warm.

"Sophia", I said, "if it is hot, dont touch it"

But she went on touching the printer, opening the feeder, closing it, and going "vei hot! No toush"

So I went up and stood there, amazed at the ingenuity of her play.

The girl was putting balloons in the printer feeder tray (the same place where she had put husband's phone a couple of months ago), pretending that they were cakes and baking them. Thats why it was "vei hot"

So, now a very elaborate game has gotten around at home, involving baloons, multiple ovens (the printer and the small oven that is inbuilt in the cardboard kitchen I made) and birthdays. The conversation that happens is as follows:

"Sophia, what are you doing?"

"thake making Shapia"

"you are making a cake?"


"For who?"


"Why are you making a cake for daddy?"

Sophia pauses and considers

"tuni sella?"

"Its daddy's tuni sella?"


"Go tell him"

Sophia tears asa fast as a toddler who is not yet two can toddle

"Daddy, tunisella twala!"

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