Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventures with Barf

THe pattern has been going on for three days. Typically at midnight, Sophia would wake up and go "Amma Amma". I would turn to her and nurse. Ordinarily, she would nurse away and go back to sleep. But this didnt happen on Friday.

"Amma Amma, want it bua bua".

"You are already having bua bua"

She bagan to cry.

"Amma, want it bua bua. Now!"

I was beginning to wake up and as I did, i realized something odd. Sophia was unusually warm. A quick check with the thermometer showed 37.2 degrees. Not high, but not nice either, especially since, two hours before, she was sitting in thattha's lap and giving me the cheek.

A dose of panadol and a drink of milo didnt alleviate things.

"Amma taie me. Amma taie me. sleep amma thoppai. want it bua bua now!"

I must have known that what happened would happen. She barfed. And we had to change the sheets.

On Saturday night, we changed plans and slept in a tent (More on that later). The girls were quite excited by the tent, that, though the coughing continued, the barfing didnt.

But last night was the worst of them, especially as I was battling with three nights of unglorified wakefullness.

The good news, however, was that Sophia coughed up phlem (all over me) and now her cough appears to have broken

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