Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yesterday at the doctor

There was a long waiting line at the doctor last evening, but I really had to take the kids. Sophia had a rather bad cough, a temperature and it was troubling me.

I had, however, not anticipated the long wait and had not taken a change of diapers for Sophia. So, when she soiled her diapers, we had to take her to the bathroom and clean her up. There, Anjali threw a tantrum. I stood in the washroom with a (thankfully clean) toddler and a tantrumy preschooler who wanted to wash her hands, and a handfull of soiled diapers.

I threw away the diaper, turned to Anjali and said "Anjali, please stop crying"

And Sophia said

"Anjali trying no. Daddy taie Anchali take timeout!"

I laughed, and the doctor called us in. Anjali stopped her tantrum and everything was smooth

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