Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday I took Sophia and Anjali to the doctor. The doctor examined Sophia and declared that she has rarely seen a kid under 24 months talk as much as this one.

"How come she can speak so much?" asked the doctor
"She learns from her big sister", piped up the big sister


The doctor examines Sophia, took off her diapers and checked her privates, then put her diaper up

"pee pee place chodathai!" says Sophia

Somehow I dont think I need worry about this girl too much

(For Bunica, thodathai means dont touch)


Yesterday evening, thattha and husband went to get some shhirts for husband's birthday. Anjali and Sophia went along. Then thattha took Anjali exploring west mall. They came back and it was time for us to go home

"Mummy, but I want to first go to the shoe shop and buy slippers"

Anjali had lost her butterfly slippers in the taxi about a month ago. She foorgot about them for a long time until now, when she wants the slippers.

Sophia was very tired, having been vaccinated and not having had enough nap in the afternoon. So it was in my interest to get the girls home. Anjali ofcourse had the beginnings of a tantrum

"But Anjali, why didnt you ask daddy or thattha when you went to west mall with them?"

"I asked thattha, but he didnt listen!"

Thattha, however, claims otherwise

"She just wanted to go to the fourth floor (timezone arcade) and then wanted to paint. But I told her that i had no money, just a credit card, so she said ok. She didnt say anything about shoes"

Anjali made no comments, but this morning, before going to school, she tells me "When you come back from office, let's go to Mr West mall, do painting and then buy slippers"

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