Tuesday, July 13, 2010

thoppai babies

Anjali was telling us about her babies and asking me to take care of them when she went to office.

"Shapia!" said Sophia

"What about you?" I asked

"Baby thapai"

"You have babies in your thoppai?"

"hmm" (vigourous nod)

"How many babies do you have?"


"Mummy, I have two babies"

"You have two babies?"

"Shapia two babies!"

"You have two babies also?"

(More vigorous nods)

"What are your babies' names?"


"Your babies' name is Anjali?"

(More nods)

"My babies are called Sandy and Planty"

"Shandy planty Shapia"

"Your babies are also called Sandy and planty?"

(Many many vigorous nods)

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