Monday, July 26, 2010

The story of our kitchen

A few days ago, i came across a post in Childhood 101 on a model of a kids' kitchen with recycled materials.

It seemed like a nice project to work on, for the children, and as there were plenty of cardboard boxes in our home, I thought it would be a frugal fun project.

Here's the model that I came up with. The idea is more or less similar to the one in childhood 101, but I am still adding features to it.

There were two boxes - one on the other, glued together. I used old lids for hobs and bottle caps for knobs (Though, at this stage, Sophia keeps pulling them off)

the sink is a cardboard box, instead of a bowl - as I was going recycled, although, as you will see later, a bowl may have been a better idea. The oven has been cut out in this picture, and there is a milk carton to serve as a tray. This morning, I shined the sink up and put tealight bottoms on it to make it more metallic, but the pictures for that will follow.

The whole thing has been covered with Mahjong paper. except the top, which is covered with contact paper. A kitchen tap is still pending. Husband suggests that i make it with toilet paper rolls. I am still thinking.

Anjali knew that I was working on a kitchen for her, but only on last Friday i put it out for the girls to play with. interestingly, it has not been a kitchen, so much as a tub for the animals. Sophia has been using the sink as a tub to bath all her animals, and Anjali has been holding birthday parties and putting all her guests on the hob, and baking a cake ion the oven (so atleast that bit is straight.)

One morning, Anjali told me

"Mummy, I have a beautiful princess kitchen"

"Yes Anjali, you do have a beautiful princess kitchen"

"Its all sparkly!"

"Yes, its all sparkly. huh?"

I turned and looked at the kitchen. It was covered with glitter - which, is ofcourse, the bane of my crafty existence. It gets everywhere and even after cleaning up, you can find traces of it in the clothes, mouths, faces and food for a week

"Where did you take the glitter from?"

"From the top shelf on the book shelf. I climbed it like a monkey!"

She was so proud that i didnt have the heart to scold her. I got the glitter cleaned though.
On Sunday morning, the girls did some painting. Anjali painted an old picture of a Zoo that i had drawn, and Sophia painted a cat. Then they made handprints and painted pista shells and egg shells and in general made a big mess.

Where does the kitchen figure into this story, you may wonder. After the mess was made, and because I was cooking, i gave the girls a small bucket, a mop, a couple of rage and told them to clean the floor. This they did, in good spirit, mopping, and wiping and cleaning the tables

However, at some point I came out to check on the girls, and happened to peek into the glitter filled kitchen, and this is what I saw

My dear little toddler had taken the sink at its word and poured water into the sink to bathe her rhinoceros and oponus (Hippopotamus). I screamed, but just a bit. Husband taught me that if we tilted the board and put it under the fan, it will (or should) dry out. And afterall, it was a sink, and so it is logical that it should get filled with water.

i remember when we bought the playhouse for Anjali when she was two and she tried to climb inside it.

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