Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sound theology

Anjali was doing some serious monkey business while riding on her bike this evening. The inevitable happened

She fell down. It was quite comical, really. One minute she was shaking every part of her body that could be shaken while sitting on the bike, and the next, her bttom is resting on the bike wheel and her leg fell on the floor. Husband and I burst out laughing. Husband and I have long learnt that for mild to semi serious accidents, a laughter is a better medicine, followed by a kiss.

Anjali was shocked for a minute. After the initial shock wore of, she said very seriously

"Jesus caught me"

"Jesus has his hands fll with you Anjali", said daddy. "He has a full time job".

"Mummy, I dont have any oua. i didnt get hurt" said Anjali, "Because Jesus is there"

She is learning something in her school.

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