Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sophia's learning

On Saturday, we were waiting at the busstop for a taxi. the grass behind the busstop were mowed and there were piles of grass everywhere. Sophia and Anjali decided that playing with the grass clippings was an excellent way to pass the time while waiting for transport. Sophia took some grass and strewed it all around the pavement.

"oshtich!" she said "make oushe!"

Husband was astounded. I wrote about the ostrich nests, but other than that, no particular reference was made to the episode at home. Yesteday, when we went to westmall, the grass clippings were still there are Sophia still continued to make oushes for the oshtiches


There is a magazine shop in Bukit Batok interchange that Sophia calls "Bumble bee shop"

Neither thattha, nor daddy could figure out why

i understood why, the name of the shop is "buzz" (i told her that last week when taking her to patti's house and she has been calling it bumble bee shop ever since)

At the doctor, there was a computer

"Mummy... champooter... lmnop" (there is writing on the computer)

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