Monday, July 12, 2010

A sewing activity

I have been reading the montessori book for writing and there was a lot of emphasis there on threading and sewing as fine motor activities. I lost the pink plastic needle somewhere so I needed a nice cloth for embroidery. I looked into teh discarded clothes bag and found one of Sophia's old tops - the market sold these tops at 3 for 5 dollars. The fabric has got some really small holes. I cut up the fabric and traced Anjali's hand on it. I also gave her some yarn to go at it.As the needle was lost, I just glued the edge of the yarn to make it more straight. To make sure she has a frame, I staples the cloth onto a cut out cereal box hoop. (i should put a picture to make this clearer)

Sophia, ofcourse, is too young for threading, but I punched holes on a side of a postcard and put yarn all around it incase she wants her own sewing piece. More seing updates in time to come.

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