Thursday, July 29, 2010

a (non) trip to the mannu playground

I promised the girls that we could go to the mannu palyground. They were looking forward to it. But last evening, Sophia was having a temperature, and I decided to keep her at home. husband and Anjali might still have gone to the mannu playground if it hadnt been for the fact that I decided to pack the baby in the stroller and take her for a walk. We caught up with husband and Anjali, crossed the road and it began to drizzle. While under normal circumstances, we would have let the girls get wet in the rain in the mannu playground, Sophia's temperature was a deterring factor.

That was how we found ourselves in the church yesterday evening. There was a special ceremony at church - a three day festival. A nice little congregative meditation. Sophia and Anjali sat in the pews. Anjali prayed when the prayers were said and when we lit the candles. Sophia sat on the pews, and began to take out hymn books and started singing "Thank you Thank you Jesus" at the top of her voice. The less said about it here, the better. When she began to point and go "Jesus cioss Jesus cioss", I knew it was time to take her out.

It turned out that we didnt have to take her out. The church had a sound proof room for parents to take children in, who are under two and have a tendency to point and sing at the top of their voices. (perhaps we should get one of those sound proof rooms for our center as well. Then I could attend all those talks hat I have been missing). there they sat for a few minutes and would have sat for more. However, sitting in the sound proof room is not as much fun as sitting in the congregation.

We got back directly home from the church, as the drizzle had not let up. In any event, it was half past nine when we reached home and I made a deal with Anjali that we could go to the mannu playground if it didnt rain today. if not, we could go to the library. We have finished the books that I borrowed in any case and there will probbaly be fun with tots

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