Friday, July 9, 2010

New tantrum technique

I have been reading Montessori read and write and got inspired from that.

When Sophia throws a tantrum, I call her a teapot and sing "Sophia is a tea pot, short and stout", with actions to match. That quietens her down.

When Anjali throws her tantrums, it is a bit harder. Mostly, I call her names, like suggested in the book. However, the problem is that she is too smart. She usually throws a tantrum because she wants something, and even if I distract her for a while, she will get back to it.


  1. u shd read love and logic - a magical something something do not remember the exact name

  2. I just ignore tantrums with ananya - walk out of the room or I hv a designated sort of 'time-out' place where she can finish crying and then sort it out with me in a 'big-girl' calm voice. sometimes works sometimes doesn't

  3. Thats the thing. sometimes it works, sometimes doesnt


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