Friday, July 23, 2010

New Family members

Several new members have joined our family. More than that, they join, stay and leave, and then come back. Prominent among the new family members are Sandy and Planty.

Sandy and Planty are, as reader would know, little fetuses that grow in the thoppais of my daughters, who practice a very technologically advanced form of surrogate motherhood, wherein the fetuses can be transferred from one thoppai to another in a matter of seconds and transferred back. i am sure that even Vyasa didnt think of techniques such as these when he wrote the Vishnu Purana.

The children are also full of plans about hat they would do with Sandy and Planty when they comee out. These range from "Taaie" to "leave with mummy while going to office" to "getting married" to "having ot of visitors when the baby comes out"

The exact species that Sandy and planty belong to, is also not clear. One day they are little babies and another day, they are dinosaurs. Yesterday, they were baby monkeys. Exactly how baby monkeys can be born from girls, I am not sure, but I guess the kids who have such advanced technologies for fetal transplantation can vome up with some sort of cross species conception and delivery. Afterall, didnt the wives of Kasyapa actually give birth to snakes and garudas?

Can i patent these technologies? I wonder

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