Friday, July 16, 2010

national harmony day

Anjali's school is celebrating National harmony day on Wednesday. I received a note from her teacher asking for her to be dressed in traditional clothes and wear traditional tidbits . So i asked her

"Anjali, you can wear traditional clothes on National harmony day and take some food. What do you want to wear and take?"

"i want to wear pattu pavadai and take mamaliga"

"Anjali, would you like to wear a beautiful Romanian costume?" i was wining it a bit, as the Romanian costume is too short now

"No mummy, I want to wear a pattu pavadai"

"But all the Indian children will wear pattu pavadai. If you wear a Romanian dress, you will look different"

"No mummy."

I let it pass, then said, "Anjali, you know Mamaliga is a Romanian dish. If you want to bring Mamaliga, it is nicer to wear a Romanian dress"

Anjali paused and considered.

"Ok. i have a good idea", she said. "I will wear a pattu pavadai and take pulau"

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