Friday, July 23, 2010

Londin brige falling down

Sophia was playing with legos. She tries hard to twist and turn and get the blocks in a stack. Sometimes she doesnt get it, but mostly she does and runs excitedly to proudly display the "tower" to daddy.

"Daddy see! Daddy see!"

One tower was misaligned. Sophia lifted it up and exclaimed.

"London Bridge falling down like this!!!"

Once she didnt get the top block to fit properly and bang! the meticulously consructed tower crashed to the floor. Sophia began to cry

"What happened?" asked mummy and daddy

"Fall downing!!" she exclaimed, morosely

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  1. yes I remember this - ananya also would use her tenses near perfect! she sometimes still does - fall downing! today she kept saying it is raining easily i wondered until i realised she meant raining heavily!


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