Monday, July 12, 2010


"Mummy, here - Chocolate cake for you", said Anjali, holding her hand out

We were at the playground and Anjali was doing one of her favorite activities - chocolate cake making. This was a rather interesting affair, which involves taking sand from near the tree, shaping it to a cake and putting candles on it for someone's happy birthday. The candles were flowers.

"Mummy, its your happy birthday today"

"thake", said Sophia. "tuni sella tuala!"

Anjali went around the tree, getting more chololate to put on her cake. Sophia took chocolate from Anjali's cake and began to make her own cake. (Sophia couldnt reach the earth on the other side as there was a barrier over which Anjali could reach but she couldn't.) Anjali got more earth and put mounds of earth on the little platform. At some point she reached the mound that was Sophia's cake. She took it to add to her own mound. At that point, Sophia had gone around the tree to search for more earth. Anjali had left her nest and Sophia took her chocolate. They went like that - Anjali taking Sophia's earth and Sophia taking Anjali's for over ten minutes before they met at a station. There they had a nice little fight. One of the two had begun a chocolate cake on a piece of paper, which the other tried to snatch. The chocolate cake fell to the ground and the girls were left holding either end of the paper.

"Mummy, see! Sophia is snatching my chocolate cake!"

"Go make more chocolate cake!", I said, trying to be diplomatic.

Anjali went off to make more cake, and the process of making and taking continued for a while more. but it was a lot shorter, as both girls were aware that the other was taking their cake. Another fight begun.

"Mummy! Anchaali. take thake" (take cake), "wuh wuh, shapia thake do it!"

Then they ran off to play in the swing and all was sunshine again. 

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