Friday, July 9, 2010

goblin liason office

I believe that we need to start one soon in our house. Here are (some of) the reasons

1. Following the phone episode, all kinds of things land up in the printer - crayons, books, small toys
2. Tantrums are very big these days in the house. Sophia has learnt that the louder she cries, the more likely, she is, to get what she wants. Where she learns this from, i dont know, we definitely dont encourage her.
3. I get followed immediately after I return home, to the bathroom, of all places. it is very difficult to wash your legs, not to mention doing anything else, if one of your hands is tugged very hard by a half sized goblin who keeps crying and saying "Mummy pulay"
4. "Venda" is another popular word, associated especially with healthy food. There is nothing more annoying than to cut up a piece of avocado, since it was requested so enthusiastically and have it pushed away with a vigourous head shake and "adogado venda", after only two spoonfuls. Even more frustrating is the fact that I have to finish it, and there goes the meticulously watched waistline.

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