Friday, July 2, 2010

Girls night out

Yesterday, when i reached home, I had the idea of taking the girls out. A couple of weeks ago, I had taken the girls out to West mall by myself to buy some things for the Taman negara trip, and then we had stopped for ice cream at udders and we had enjoyed it very much. i wanted to repeat it again.

I told the children that we could go to IMM, buy a new pair of earrings for Sophia and, ofcourse, have icecream. The plan, having been taken up with enthusiasm, we moved to the bedroom to get dressed. That took a little longer than expected as one kid piled up all the pillows on the bed and climbed on them - saying things like "aterfall" "yiver" "climb aterfall" and "yo yo yo boat". This made the other kid sit on a tortoise and explore underground caves where there were sharks and crocodiles

"thief" said one explorer "shish eat"

"I saw a thief eating a fish in the underground river" said the other explorer.

Then they began to jump on the bed

"I'm jumping on the bed, I'm jumping on the bed. Hi ho de derry ho, I'm jumping on the bed", says Anjali

By the time we left the house, it was half past seven. We waited twenty minutes at the busstop, trashed the idea of going to IMM, decided to go to west mall instead, and danced on the pavement. Anjali danced Bharatnatyam


"What is Sophia dancing?"

"Shapia balle"

The bus finally arrived and we found ourselves in west mall. We changed the earrings

"itheam itheam"

So we went into swensons for icecream. Anjali wanted cookies and cream. And she placed the order herself.

"I want chocolate chip icecream", she tells the waitress

"Which one?"

Anjali pointed to the picture on the menu and we waited for the icecream.

"Mummy, After I eat icecream, I want a balloon"

"shapia balloon"

The icecream arrived. Anjali ate most of it. Sophia wouldnt touch it at first because it was too cold, and it was almost finished by the time she got around to liking it. Besides, she was getting icecream all over the table.

We got the balloons. Anjali walked around the restaurant hitting all the tables and some people with the balloon.

"pay dollar", said Sophia. So we paid for the icecream and took the bus home. In the busstop, the girls set up a sword fight using balloons

"Mummy, I am the deva and Sophia is the asuia", said Anjali, battering Sophia's balloon with her own.

We got out of the bus, rescued a number of snails on the pavement and returned home, where husband was waiting for us. The girls ate oata and bananas, played the gruffalo game that I had made, played with the magentic tunnels in the fridge (I made a new one with a large plastic bottle that we had in Malaysia), and then off we went to bed.

We were fixing the gruffalo game. Anjali had one piece to go. IIt was number 3 and her dice simply wouldnt let her counter go to number three. She didnt understand why she couldnt get her piece

"Why i cant play my puzzle mama?"

"Because your counter is not at 3"

"ok. i will put my counter at 3. Now give me the pieze to finish my puzzle"

Well. What could I say?

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