Monday, July 5, 2010

Feeding the cat

On Sunday evening, daddy and Anjali grilled a pack of chicken and ate it. Anjali enjoyed eating the chicken. They tried to induce Sophia to eat some. But Sophia is a vegetarian and she wouldnt have any chicken. After they ate the chicken, daddy wanted to throw the chicken bones and skin into the garbage.

"No daddy", piped up Anjali. "We will not throw the bones. We will keep them"

"What do you want to do with them?" mummy asked.

"I want to give them to a dog"

"Which dog will you give them to?"

"To jackie"

"You may not see jackie for many days", said daddy. "By then, the bones will spoil. Anjali, lets throw them away"

"No!", exclaimed Anjali, clutching onto the bag. "I have a good idea. We will take them downstairs and give them to another dog"

"Alright", said daddy, conceeding. "We'll go for a walk, and you can give them to a cat"

There were plenty of stray cats who would eat some good food, but almost all the dogs in the neighborhood have owners and may not take too kindly to getting bones from strangers - Atleast their owners may not.

"Lets go now", said Anjali.

But first, we had to give Sophia something to eat, since Sophia was a vegetarian and didnt want chicken. While we did that, Anjali wanted to put her bones in a bag. She then wanted to put the bag on the dining table.

"Mummy is already frowning Anjali", said daddy. "She will not like it if you put chicken bones on the dining table". Mummy was a vegetarian, like Sophia. So daddy and Anjali put the bag of bones outdoors near the plants.

Sophia ate watermelons. Sophia likes to eat watermelons. Unfortunately, she also likes to squish the watermelons and have a lot of glee looking at the watermelon juice flowing from her hands to the floor. So, when we had finished eating the watermelon, this is what our floor looked like.

After that Anjali and Sophia had to wash up. Two minutes into the washing up process, Anjali and Sophia were sitting inside the same tiny bathtub, splashing each other.

"Come on", said daddy. "Lets dress up and find some cats to give bones to"

"Ok, said Anjali. She ran outdoors, and by the time mummy realized what was happening, had put on shoes and had taken the bag of bones. There was only one problem.

She was not wearing any clothes.

"Anjali!", said mummy. "You cant go out like this. Come in and put on some clothes"

Anjali came in, swinging the bag wildly. Mummy winced with every swing. Luckily, none of the bones split on the floor.

Finally, everyone was dressed and it was time for the walk.

We took the park connector to the small field behind the swimming pool. On a previous occassion, daddy had seen tens of cats there. He thought that it would be a great place for giving bones. But today, there was only one cat in the field. The field was already full of chewed up bones. Some one had left cat food in a container, along with a cup of water.

Daddy found a sheet of paper and Anjali arranged the bones very artistically on it.

The cat came up, sniffed, took a bite and walked away. It was getting dark

"Lets go Anjali", said daddy

"But I want to see the cat eat all the bones!" said Anjali.

We looked at the cat. She was washing herself.

"The cat is washing herself", said Anjali

"Yes." said mummy. "She is washing herself. Then she will eat. You always wash up before eating, dont you? The cat is just like that"

That satisfied Anjali. She plodded along behind mummy, daddy and Sophia. Along the way, she found some dried grass at the edge of the drains. She picked up the dried grass and piled them on the drain bars.

"I am making a nest for the birds", she said proudly

After she had made nests for several birds, she made one more nest - which was the biggest nest in the world.

"Anjali", said mummy, "the birds cannot put their eggs in that nest. It is too big, and the eggs will get buried"

"Its a nest for ostrich eggs", said daddy

"But there are no ostriches in Singapore", explained mummy

"There are no ostriches in Singapore because the nests are not big enough". Now that Anjali has made such a big nest, the ostriches can come and lay their eggs here

So Anjali made the ostrich nest and fed bones to the cat and then we all came back home to eat pulau and yogurt and apple cake for dinner.

That was vegetarian, and Sophia had no problems with it

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