Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fairy garden updates

The fairy garden. Its still under development and continuous upgrading
A little shelter for the fairies to rest in. I cut up an old coaster.

These are supposed to be toadstools, but they look more like lollipops from outer space. So we'll have to make better toadstools when i get more time

A pond, now dry. We leave water for the fairies every evening in it, and the fairies come at down to drink up the water. I suppose that all the dancing around misshapen toadstools make the fairies very thirsty.

We should move some animals in the garden now - Anjali wants to move a pony in - I'll keep a lookout for a miniature. There are some miniature jasmine and monkey toys in patti's house and I think they will suit, and perhaps I can put wings on jasmine.

The only qualm that i have with our fairy garden is that it is really small. But our garden space is so limited. I could try to set up something in a water tub, that will be much more roomy, but there wont be enough elevation for it and where will I get sufficient earth to cover a water tub? Also likely as not, Sophia will pull out the plants before they even begin, as she tried to do with the mustard seeds that we were planting in our fairy garden. Now the fairy garden is elevated and Anjali has to pull up her blue chair to see the garden growing.

The other qualm is that the mustard seeds are planted too close to each other and I reckon that they wont survive long - probably a week or two at most. They were the only quick growing seeds I had at hand. This, I think calls for a visit to Thomson road to buy little terrarium plants and plants with small flowers. I am also looking for something to pave the garden with little paths - perhaps lychee seeds will be suitable? Lychees and longans are available a plenty in Singapore and their seeds are smooth. They wont show up against the earth though - so maybe we should look for glass pebbles and seashells.


  1. Your garden is totally cute... I LOVE the little reed house.
    Thanks you so much for sharing your magic in the Fairy Garden Contest :-)
    Blessings and magic,

  2. I like your lollipops from outer space toadstools very much, they look magical :)
    Mustard seeds are a good idea. We used grass seeds but they have taken ages to come up and haven't provided as much greenery as your mustard has :)

  3. Lovely pond and great design. Great inspiration!

  4. Very cute! I hope you were able to find a pony!


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