Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daddy's phone

Last night, Anjali and Sophia went shopping with mummy and daddy. It was a simple trip to the supermarket. Sophia needed new diapers, we were low on fruits, there was no toothpaste left in the bathroom and a lot of other odds and ends were required. Mummy took the bicycle, with Anjali riding on the front seat. Daddy carried Sophia.

We finished shopping. Daddy took Sophia walking back home. He was also carrying two bags. Mummy loaded two shopping bags in the basket of the bicycle and put Anjali in the front seat. She started the bike, and then stopped. Where can she put the handbag? There was no room in the basket, and Anjali was sitting in the front seat. After a minute, she slung it on her shoulders and rested it on her lap.

Anjali and mummy began to cycle. They had barely cycled for three minutes where they came to a slope. Bang, Crash Bang!, the cycle fell down. Anjali fell down too. So did mummy. What had happened?

The strap of the handbag had gotten caught in the bicycle.

Anjali was crying. Some pedestrians helped mummy straighten the bicycle.

"Where are you hurt Anjali?"

"I am hurt nowhere"

Mummy decided to take Anjali's word for it. But how to get home? Clearly, taking the handbag in the lap was not a good idea.

"Anjali, can you hold my handbag for me?"

"Okay!" said Anjali.

Mummy and Anjali began to pedal, with Anjali giving warnings at every slope

"Mummy", she said, "You are not careful in my school, and you are not careful in patti's house also"

Anjali and mummy reached home, closely followed by daddy and Sophia. Mummy washed Anjali and Sophia up while daddy put away the shopping. Mummy, Anjali and Sophia then played treasure hunt. After that, mummy went to the kitchen to bake a cake. The girls cut bananas and ate butter and cheese.

They were washing up when daddy came up with the house phone in his hand.

"Who are you calling", mummy asked

"I am calling my handphone", said daddy. "I cant find it"

"Did you lose it?", mummy asked

"No. I gave it to Sophia while I was unpacking the groceries", daddy said. "She must have put it somewhere."

Daddy called his mobile phone. "It is going into voice mail", he said

So daddy and mummy searched the whole hosue for the mobile phone while Anjali and Sophia were playing in the sink with soap and water. They searched in the toy cupboard, in the kitchen drawers, in the toilets, in the dustbins, inside the box of the little car that the children drive around the house. There was no phone.

"Search in the toyhouse", mummy said. "I found my passport in it two days ago"

But the phone was not in the toy house.

"Sophia", asked daddy, taking her out of the sink "Where have you put Ada's phone?"

Sophia got up, "Ada allo!"

"Yes. Ada Allo. Where have you put it"

"This side!" she exclaimed, holding daddy's hand and taking him to the dining table.


"This side", she exclaimed, pointing under the dining table "tunnel ulla"

But the phone was not there.

"Are you sure you gave the phone to Sophia?", asked mummy. "It has to be somewhere in the house if you did. We have searched all her hidey holes, you know. Maybe you lost it on the way"

"I am sure I gave it to her" said daddy. "I am afraid that she made a telephone call and that it is not switched off."

"Maybe the phone ran out of batteries", said mummy

"I dont think so. It was fully charged this morning", said daddy

"Lets call the telephone company" suggested mummy. "They may be able to tell us whether the phone is in call"

But the telephone company was not able to give that information. All they could do was to deactivate the phone line if the phone had been lost.

Daddy and mummy searched the house for another ten minutes.

"Where did you put the phone Sophia?" daddy asked despairingly

"This side", said Sophia brightly "Ada bedoom"

But it was not there.

"This side" said Sophia brightly "patti yoom"

She took daddy all around the house, indicating all possibvle hidey holes, none off which had the phone.

"Cancel the SIM", said daddy, despairingly.

So the SIM was cancelled and we all went to bed.

Daddy, however, had a brainwave this morning and found the phone.

It was inside the printer. 


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